The PubSubHubbub PuSH API allows to send real-time notifications to subscribers every time new content is published.

Ever wonder how your application can get real-time notifications every time feeds are updated?

Try the PubSubHubbub open protocol.

It's a simple protocol built on webhooks. These webhooks are provided by 3rd parties, known as hubs. This page is the hub for' Hub

Want's content in real-time?

Never miss an update with our PubSubHubbub Feed API.

  1. Send a POST request to, with the following parameters:
    • hub.mode: subscribe or unsubscribe
    • hub.callback: http://domain.tld/your/callback
    • hub.topic: http//
  2. If the hub returns 202, the hub will then check your callback. If it returns anything else, something is wrong. Please check the body of hub's the response in order to find out what the issue is.
  3. The hub will send a request to your callback URL, to verify your intent: your callback must respond with 200 and must echo the hub.challenge sent by the hub.
  4. Once you're subscribed, the hub will send a POST request with the feed's new entries in the body. This will happen every time new content is detected.
  5. [Recommended]: Provide a hub.secret when subscribing and the hub will send signed notifications for increased security.

This hub supports and recommends the 0.4 spec (last to date), as well as version 0.3.